Project monitoring

The monitoring, management and evaluation of PNB are split between three authorities:

Libraries comission at the Service du Livre (French Ministry of culture and communications) presides over and conduct project evaluation committees in its whole. Two meetings have already taken place with the founding actors of PNB and have lead to define monitoring indicators. These concern the actors, usages, budget aspects, the offers evolution, the volume of loans, ect.

The digital monitoring committee is a council from DILICOM that regroups libraries, publishers, distributors and can welcome other participants depending on the agenda and projects. The monitoring committee suggest new services or new developments, and a follows up on-going projects. Its opinion enables to enlighten the decisions made by DILICOM’s executive committee members.

The executive committee, appointed by DILICOM shareholders, represents the executive body of the company. It’s composed of booksellers and distributors who define the big orientations for the company and decide on the economic model to adopt.