Technical perimeter

Please find on DILICOM’s wiki the technical description of all the PNB APIS (Application Programing Interfaces). Version 2.0 has been released on February 2015, and will replace 1.0 version on June 30th.

Libraries and booksellers

You may plan your connection depending on the resources at your disposal :

  • Option 1 : turnkey solution

Please consult the service providers list established by DILICOM and choose the one you want to work with.

Three different options are then available:

  • The service provider is yet connected and operational: in that case PNB launch don’t require any test phase.
  • The service provider is still in test phase: partners binomes have been defined (library + bookseller) to follow and monitor the developments. You may wait for their approval so that the technical developments can be delivered in production.
  • The service provider plans to start the developments: a partner binome has to be defined (library + bookseller) to follow and validate the works. You may save time for phone meetings to share frequently all the informations.


  • Option 2: develop a specific interface plugged to the DILICOM APIs 

You may contact DILICOM to get all the technical support and information needed and plan the development framework.

  • Contact DILICOM
  • Sign DILICOM specific agreement so that you can receive the identification and technical details to start the tests.


Please contact Dilicom to define each service you need and to plan the common procedures.

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