Evaluation and monitoring

Evaluation and monitoring

The monitoring and evaluation of the PNB program is done under the authority of the French Ministry of Culture and Communications, based on the data supplied by DILICOM.

The content of the monitoring is shared with the partners of the project and published on a regular basis.

Please find here the latest publication.


Each publisher defines the offer. The existing offer enables us to identify the following characteristics (subject to evolve depending on the arrival of new publishers in the PNB program or depending on the evolution of demand):

  • Access rules: the digital resources are available to download or to stream or by combining both (to download only for loan, to stream for consulting only) ;
  • File format when downloaded (epub, pdf, etc)
  • Protection type for downloaded files. At the present time only the Digital Rights Management software (DRM) AdobeDRM is used. Alternative solutions are currently being examined or in development process, such as LCP (Licenced Content Protection) lead by the consortium Readium and executed by the EDRLAB laboratory;
  • Terms of use are declined within the following characteristics:
    • Duration of the offer;
    • The number of loans;
    • The number of simultaneous users;
    • The maximum loan duration per reader;
    • The price;
    • The usage rights for the end reader (print, copy, number of reading devices authorized)

The technical description of the offer (metadata) relies on the ONIX 3.0 norm.

The good practice guide, available on both the CLIL’s (Commission de Liaison Interprofessionnelle du Livre) and DILICOM’s websites, offers necessary recommendations for a good interpretation of the ONIX norm.

This guide is regularly updated thanks to the FEL commission that meet up in average six times a year.